Jodi is an emerging artist currently living and working in Washington, DC. Her talents were recognized early on in college, receiving the Liquitex Painting Award in 1990 and the Scholarship Award of Miami University in 1989. Her first solo show at Miami University received faculty accolades as well as purchases from private individuals.

Upon graduating from college, she pursued a career as a graphic designer, periodically satisfying her painting need through classes. Finally around 2013, she was able to commit to painting at least once a week, and soon built up a collection of paintings for a show in 2015, which sold over 70% of the works. From there she applied and was accepted as the artist in residence at Gateway Art Center in 2016, where she dedicated herself to painting 5 days a week. Soon after, she received a residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts where she produced large abstract paintings on canvas. Currently she works out of her studio in Brentwood, MD where she works among other inspiring artists.