Hello. Welcome to my new site! It feels good (and a bit scary) to dedicate a real paying website to my art!  I recently heard the perfect phrase that completely embodies my outlook for at least the rest of 2015, Chase the Fear. Isn't that great?! I need to thank John Lee Dumas and Geeta Nadkarnito for their interview together on Entrepreneur on Fire. I heard on the way home from painting last week at just the moment my mind was about to wander into that dangerous zone of self doubt. I heard it and embraced it. I love it.

So, with that said, if you enjoyed my art on this website, I hope you can make it to Politics and Prose Coffeehouse April 13 - May 31st for my art show. Stop in for a glass of wine and introduce yourself to me at the opening reception on Saturday, April 18th

Thanks and come back to visit soon.