What to do with paintings on paper

People often ask me, "What do you do with paintings on paper?" and I have to admit, until recently, I did not know. It was Laurie Breen, an established artist and friend whose paintings I absolutely admire, who took me under her wing and taught me about mounting paintings on custom made or natural wood panels. It is so fabulous, I must share this with others!

Supply List

First and foremost, measure your paintings, measure them again, and if you don't want to be like me and end up with lots of extra panels, measure them again one more time! Order wood panels.

Coat your wood panel and the back side of your painting with Golden Regular Gel Gloss Medium. Let it dry COMPLETELY (wait 24 hours).

When it is dry, plug in the iron. Then carefully line up on your painting on to the panel and cover your painting with a sheet of photo release paperStarting from the center and working your way out to the edges, start ironing, being careful to always be moving the iron so as not to burn your art. The release paper will get very hot, but that is important for bonding.

The release paper can be a bit smaller than your artwork, just as long as you have it protecting your work where it is ironed. If you have charcoal on your work, be sure to spray it with fixative before ironing otherwise it gets all over the release paper and possibly onto other parts of your work. Be sure to continuously check the edges as you are ironing to be sure they are sealing. As a gauge, I would say the process of ironing takes about 20 minutes for a 26"x40" piece of art.  I also found that sometimes my paper was slightly larger than the board and I had to go back with a razor blade and carefully trim it down to size. That took a super steady hand, but it looks fabulous when completed!

Good luck! I'm happy to help if you have questions.