Biggest Painting Yet

Time to undertake my biggest yet! Joyce McCarten gave me a large (40"x50") piece of paper to paint on months ago. I spent many days staring at it in my living room, then completely intimidated by it, and no place to paint on it, I shuffled it around in our basement, trying to keep it from getting destroyed. It made it's way to my new space and a few days ago I got started! It is a physical workout just to get the paint to cover the surface! Not sure how this is going to go, but it certainly allows you to free up your thinking of WHAT you are looking at and painting. You are so close to the surface to get the paint on there and with the shapes and ideas being so large, I just have to PAINT, get color, line, form, down and then step WAY back to see what is going on. I am loving the challenge! I feel like DeKooning for some reason, even though I have no idea about the way he tackles a painting, but the energy and the large strokes of color and shapes gives me a whole new understanding of the abstract expressionists who worked large. 

More time has now passed and I love my painting and now I think it is DONE! I know some folks may some suggestions on how to change it, but I am so proud of myself for getting this far, being brave, being bold, keeping it alive and all working together. I can wait to start another larger one!