Painting from Photos

Painting from photos has never been a strong interest of mine.

I am about feeling what I see and trying to capture that feeling on a two dimensional surface with mark making, color, expression, etc. Working from photos gets me caught up in working too tight and too realistic (if that could ever be said of my work). That being said, however, the time has come for me to embrace this idea to help me live my dream of traveling and creating art. After spending last summer in Spain with our family and another family, I realized having my own creative time on vacation is not quite in the cards. Then this spring, traveling to Italy for the purpose of painting and drawing, I learned it's more about creating small pieces of work, taking lots of photos and then working back in the studio with those and the memories.

So, I am really trying to embrace that challenge, pull out my sketchbooks and my photos and try to create something that captures the essence of my travel. As I am writing this, I am still working on embracing this idea, so I don't have much to show but I figured, if I write about it, I will be more likely to take it seriously and continue trying. So here is what I have done thus far. A few from Italy and one from Spain. I have lots more ideas, now I just need to make the time!