Spring Open Studio

I feel cleansed!

Whew, it was whirlwind of cleaning up and airing out, getting ready for Gateway Open Studio Tour, otherwise known as #OST2109. It was Monday, 5 days before, and I decided two things:

1. I wanted to do a serious clean out.

2. I wanted to donate 15% of my proceeds to a local charity Hope for Henry.

Arriving at the studio Tuesday morning, I was determined to see what was hiding behind every nook and cranny and in every drawer. There would be no sitting down until everything had been unearthed. Lucky for me, my speaker was louder than my couch! By noon, I had every canvas stacked around the studio, in careful piles, ON SALE, UNFINISHED, POSSIBLY HANG ON WALL, FOR SALE.

Time to tackle the drawers of paintings on paper. What to stay, what to go? Will they be worth something? Should I save parts of the ones I partially like? Can I let things go for cheap and how will it feel? So many thoughts running through my head, so much exhaustion running through my body. Make decisions and move on! Just to be clear, not one of my strengths.

A few bites of lunch on the move, garbage pile filling up, “not for sales” return to drawers, a pile for “to be mounted”, a pile of “littles” stacked high, I must sit down. How have I made so much work? Each piece brings me back to the time I made it. I can remember almost every piece I painted, where I was and how it felt to be painting it. It was like traveling down a memory lane I didn’t even remember existed.

By Friday afternoon, the studio looked better than it has in months! Paintings on freshly, painted walls (normally covered in splattered paint), neatly stacked paintings around the studio for folks to go through, littles mounted and carefully placed in their grid and a portfolio full of work I was ready to let go at a ‘name your price” offer.

Mix and matching the “littles”

Saturday came and went and it was wonderful. I met amazing people who sincerely wanted to talk about my art and shared compliments about my work that will carry me through the next year. I sold lots of stuff — and plenty for rock bottom prices and it felt great to let it go! It makes me so happy knowing that something I created will bring joy to someone at a price they could afford. I wish I could do that with everything, I sincerely do. So tomorrow, I will get back to the studio, having met my goals.

  1. I know every single thing that is in my studio as of today

  2. I will be making a nice donation to Hope for Henry!

Thank you to all who came out and thank you so much for your interest in my work. I truly appreciate it.