Artist in Residence

Well, here we go! I am sitting in my temporary studio space as an Artist in Residence at Gateway Arts Center. I am not sure what to do but I am so happy to be here! Thank you to Laurie Breen for introducing me to this possibility many months ago. I sincerely have no vision of where this will take me and my art, but I plan to work hard, work through discouraging feelings, push myself from trying to capture the scene to capture the feeling of the scene. 

What do I have to say with my art? Ideas floating around in my head...Chaos vs. calm. Feel it where it's crazy, feel it where it's relaxed. Feel the negative, focus on the negative, the negative can be the calm, the quiet. Do I like the rest in life or do I like the chaos? The chaos helps the "rest" stand out. The rest is color, the chaos is line/shape, and up against each other, what do they create? Could you appreciate one without the other? Do people look for those opposing things in life, or do they just appear? Do we notice them through the day? A clash with a child then a quiet hug.  

I plan to work on copying masters, copying contemporary works, trying to understand their approach and their thoughts as they work through their struggles. 

So enough thinking and talking, let's get started! 

(Here is a map in case you are curious where the heck I am)